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More Information about Hypnosis

No Judgement

We focus on delivering our services without judgement.


This is a safe space.


We believe the best health comes from feeling held, feeling acknowledged, and feeling understood.


Our aim is to have you feel all three every time you come to see us.

Effective Techniques

Wellness is born from applied knowledge.


Our training is rooted in powerful techniques.


From the classical Trance Hypnosis, to the effective practice of Conversational Hypnosis, and the innovative technique of Neurolinguistic Programming, we will use the most advanced and effective methods to get you the results you seek.

Not a “New Age” Therapy

“Clinical Hypnotherapy, and healing at the unconscious level, is therefore the furtherest thing from a “new-age” therapy… it’s the oldest and most fundamental therapy available to mankind.” ( Link- Harmony Hypnotherapy )


“As a hypnotherapist I have found that some people assume hypnosis is a recent innovation of the New Age movement, which spread through metaphysical communities in the 1970s and 1980s. Actually, hypnosis has been used in the United States since the mid-1800s, and was advanced by pioneers of modern psychology like Sigmund Freud, Pierre Janet, and Alfred Binet among others.” (Link - )

The Effectiveness of Hypnosis

Consulting Hypnosis uses dedicated sessions consisting of relaxation techniques, visualizations, verbal suggestion, and focus to leverage the power of the unconscious mind to accomplish your personal goals. Although commonly misunderstood, this practice been utilized for centuries based on a two step process.

Dana Rhodes

I enjoyed my sessions with Ingrid, I felt comfortable, relaxed and aware the whole time. She helped me soothe stressful situations in my life and taught me some awesome exercises to use when I do feel stressed. She is so kind, understanding and very easy to talk to. I will be seeing her for anything else that comes up in the future.

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